Chlorinators are essential for keeping swimming pools and spas safe and clean from harmful bacteria and viruses.
They work by converting salt into chlorine through the process of electrolysis.

The Rainking water filtration system is strategically placed in a serene wooded area to provide efficient water purification.

Keep your pool sparkling with us.

Dive into a pristine, long-lasting pool experience with Rainking Purification Systems. Our state-of-the-art chlorinator is not just any pool accessory; it’s an investment in your pool’s health, longevity, and the overall enjoyment of your swimming experience. Here’s how our chlorinator stands out:

Prolongs Pool Lifespan
Protection Against Germs
Easy Maintenance Routine
Protects Pool Equipment

Why Use Chlorinators?

Chlorinators are essential for keeping swimming pools and spas safe and clean from harmful bacteria and viruses. They work by converting salt into chlorine through the process of electrolysis.
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World’s Most Efficient*

Our Chlorinators are the world’s most efficient, helping you save up to 46% on salt, water, and electricity usage.**


Hassle-free Maintenance

Keep your system running smoothly with our maintenance programs.

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Chlorinator set up made easy.

At Chlorinators, we provide comprehensive packages that include the installation of a high-quality chlorinator system, ongoing maintenance, and expert customer support.

Our team of professionals is experienced in the field of pool care and can help you choose the right system for your pool.

Sustainable Solutions

Because our Chlorinators neutralize contaminants rather than removing them, they offer a zero waste-water solution.

No Harmful Byproducts

Preserve the natural minerals in your home’s water.

Valuable Savings

Reduce repair costs on appliances and save time cleaning buildup on pools.

How to proceed?

Our quotes are competitive and transparent, ensuring you always know what you're paying for.
We can provide a customized quote for your chlorinator package, taking into account the size and type of your pool, as well as any specific requirements.

Unmatched Quality. Unforgettable Service.

Chlorinator set up made easy.

Never Question Your Water Again

Our chlorinator packages are tailored to suit your budget and needs, ranging from basic to premium packages. Our basic package includes a standard chlorinator system and installation, while our premium package includes a top-of-the-line chlorinator system, installation, and an added warranty.

Straightforward and Hassle-Free Installation

Our team will visit your property to assess your pool's requirements and recommend the best system for your needs.
Once agreed upon, we will install and set up the chlorinator system, ensuring all safety precautions are taken during the installation process.

Maintenance and Setup

At RainKing, we understand that maintaining a pool can be time-consuming, which is why we provide ongoing maintenance and support services.
Our team can help you set up a maintenance schedule that ensures your system is always working at its best.

Complete Well Water Transformation

Say Goodbye to Water Woes

Our Chlorinator system is designed to comprehensively address the unique challenges of well water. Explore how this advanced system ensures that your water is not just safe to use but a joy to have.

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Perfect Harmony with Water Softener and Iron Boss

The Power of Synergy

Our Chlorinator system is most effective when used in combination with a Water Softener and/or Iron Boss unit.

Discover how these products work together seamlessly to deliver unparalleled well water quality.

Experience the Transformation

Are you tired of dealing with well water woes?

Our Chlorinator system is the solution you’ve been searching for.

Dive into the benefits of choosing our system and enjoy well water like never before.

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A Trio of Transformation:

Water Softener:

Soften your well water with our Water Softener, removing hardness and ensuring your water feels silky smooth.

Iron Boss:

Partner with the Iron Boss unit to tackle iron-related issues, leaving your water clear and iron-free.


The Chlorinator system completes the trio, purifying your water and eliminating sulfur smell and bacteria.

Chlorinator FAQs

Do I need a chlorinator system in my pool?
Yes, a chlorinator system is essential for maintaining a clean and safe pool. It effectively eliminates bacteria and other microorganisms, ensuring your pool water is safe to swim in.

Our team of professionals can guide you in choosing the right system for your pool based on its size, type, and other specific requirements.

We recommend getting your chlorinator system serviced at least once a year to ensure optimal performance.
While it’s possible to install a chlorinator system yourself, it’s recommended that you seek professional assistance to ensure proper installation and safety precautions are taken.
Installation time can vary depending on the size and type of your pool and specific requirements. Our team will provide a timeline based on your unique situation.

Free Water Consultation

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We are committed to providing households across Central Florida with clean water at all times. When it comes to helping a customer choose a water filter, we evaluate their current needs as well as their budget before recommending one of our products.

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