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It should go without saying that access to clean, healthy water is important to maintaining good mental and physical health. One of the tell-tale signs that you have poor quality water coming out of your taps is consistent hair loss accompanied by dry, brittle hair. In most cases, it is often the only culprit behind skin and hair problems, especially if there is no underlying medical issue.

Let’s not forget that the body consists of 60% water! The water you drink & bathe in will inevitably have a bearing on your health. Not only will the water quality have an impact on the functioning of your critical organs and bodily processes, but it also affects your appearance, as well as your mental capacities.

Your tap water is treated with chlorine to get rid of contaminants, germs, bacteria, and other suspended solids in order to make it safe for your family. But too much exposure to chlorine can be detrimental to your hair health.

Chlorine’s effect on your hair health

It is known that chlorine strips your hair of its natural oils, leaving it dry, brittle, and rough. Your hair’s natural oils give it an extra layer of protection, thus preventing breakage. It is also the reason behind smooth and silky hair. However, chlorine sucks these oils and leaves your hair devoid of any protection. Moreover, it causes chemical reactions which may cause your hair color to change, fall out, or suffer from excessive split ends. In addition to this, you may be left with a dry, irritated, and itchy scalp.

This gives us enough cause to believe that washing one’s hair with purified water is crucial to maintaining a healthy, shiny mane of hair.

Other than bathing and showering in clean water, staying hydrated is also important! Ensure that you have a reverse osmosis drinking water system at home because if you are not drinking enough water, your hair might stop showing signs of growth altogether.

Your hair also retains its sheen and moisture better when the body is adequately hydrated. Problems such as dry scalp and dandruff may point towards the fact that your body is not getting enough water to drink.

If your hair is frizzy or is showing early signs of greying, then the water you drink might be to blame. To avoid this, make sure that you drink at least two liters of water every day. Not only will this contribute to good hair health, but it will also lead to healthier skin and improved overall health in the long run.

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