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Investing in residential water treatment, such as a water softener, reverse osmosis system, or other types of filtration, may seem like somewhat of a luxury. The truth, however, is that the modern home and lifestyle require high quality water. And, your family deserves it, too.

What you may not realize is that the issues hard water causes in your home are more than just annoying. They could also be costing you hundreds of dollars every year. Make the initial investment in improving your home’s water and eventually the equipment pays for itself.

Just how much could you save by installing residential water treatment in your home? Check out the graphic below. It tells the story of the Turner family and reflects typical cost-savings from solutions such as water softeners and R.O. systems.

Statistics on Potential Savings with Water Softeners and R.O. Systems

The Turner family is enjoying their new life with soft water and clean drinking water. They’re also stashing away extra cash thanks to the improvements these solutions provide.

In the Bathroom: The lack of suds in hard water means you could be using more soap and shampoo than needed. But, soft water is perfect for the shower, producing a luxurious lather. The Turners are saving more than $90 a year thanks to their new water softener.

In the Laundry Room: Hard water in the washing machine is a big problem. It wears out fabrics faster and leads to using too much detergent to get clothes clean. But, a Water Quality Association (WQA) study found soft water is 100-times better at removing stains form laundry.

That’s why the Turners are saving more than $157 a year in this area.

From the Kitchen Sink: Homes that purchase drinking water in plastic bottles stand to experience significant savings after installing an R.O. system, which provides quality water from the tap. By completely removing bottled water from their shopping list, the Turners save $400 a year.

Water-Using Appliances: From the water heater in your basement to the dishwasher in your kitchen, high-efficiency appliances run better and last longer with soft water. The Turners are saving $100 per year in utility bills thanks to a more-efficient water heater. They’ll also avoid replacing other appliances earlier than expected.

House cleaning: Whether it’s detergent, glass cleaner, or any other household cleaning product, you’ll use less product with soft water because it is ideal for cleaning. On the other hand, hard water causes house cleaning headaches, leaving limescale and soap scum behind. That means you’ll be scrubbing more often and using more product. The Turners are saving an estimated $420 per year on cleaning products, and their home never looked so good.

How Much Could You Be Saving?

The results reflected in the Turner’s story represent an American home with four people,  with the a hardness level of 10 grains per gallon. If a local water treatment expert evaluates your home’s water and finds higher levels of hardness, your potential savings would be even more!

Reach out to us for a free water quality analysis and discover how a water softener, R.O. drinking water system, and other unique solutions can improve your life and your bank account balance.


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