High-quality faucet water filters do an impeccable job of getting rid of contaminants and making your tap water safe to drink. However, to ensure that it is working properly, regular maintenance and inspections are of utmost importance. But how to ascertain if something is wrong with your faucet water purifier for your kitchen sink? How to tell whether your water filter needs to be replaced before the situation spirals out of control? Of course, one tell-tale sign is horrible tasting, stinking water. But this points to the fact that your faucet water filter is in need of serious attention ASAP and probably needs to be replaced. Don’t let the situation get so bad! Watch out for these signs so that you are not inconvenienced:

1. Smell of chlorine

So you have installed a faucet water filter to get access to clean water for drinking and cooking purposes in your kitchen. Recently, the water has started to smell of chlorine. Is that normal? No!

Remember that water plants in the U.S. add chlorine to the water to remove disease-causing bacteria and microorganisms even before it reaches your home. Your water filter is also supposed to tackle the unmistakable odor of chlorine so that your meals and beverages don’t taste unappetizing. If your faucet water purification system is not doing this right, then consider getting a replacement.

2. Fluctuating water pressure

Slow water flow from your faucet water filter isn’t just a source of annoyance; it probably means there is a bigger problem. Is the water pressure of your faucet dropping steadily? The culprit behind this could be a filter that’s clogged up with contaminants. In such a scenario, the filter needs to be inspected by a professional. This may also indicate a leaky filter which in itself is a serious issue. Get in touch with experts to get it fixed.

3. Weird noises

This is one of the most common signs of a malfunctioning faucet water filter. If the pipes and the faucet make odd sounds when you turn it on, it is important to have them inspected. It is possible that a crucial component may be damaged. If your water filter has served its time, consider getting a new one to ensure uninterrupted access to clean drinking water.

4. Cloudy water

When your faucet water filter’s components start to fail, it might purge out cloudy water whenever you turn it on. Before the problem spins out of control, get it looked at. In addition to this, make sure that you conduct regular checks of your faucet water’s turbidity levels. This can be easily done by inspecting a glass of water against natural bright light for signs of cloudiness.

At Rainking Purification Systems, we offer 360-degree water purification services and have the best tap water faucet filters. If you are thinking of installing or replacing a faucet water filter in your home, get in touch with us today! Call (863) 439-0014 for more information.


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